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For the multidisciplinary experience of our team

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To combine research excellence and industry efficiency

What drives Us

The desire to harness the power of AI for making healthcare more affordable and accessible

Dr. Nameeta Shah

CEO, Co-Founder

Nameeta’s academic background is Computer Science with an MTech from IIT, Kanpur and PhD from University of California, Davis. Intrigued by cancer research she carried out her post doctoral studies in cancer informatics at University of Michigan. During this time she developed data analysis algorithms and visualization tools for genomic research. After that she worked in two start-up translational research labs in Seattle and Bangalore and established a computational infrastructure and informatics framework to utilize genomic data for biomarker discovery.

She has experience in leading multi-million dollar projects with multi-national, multi-institutional, and multi-disciplinary teams of people including surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, oncologists, programmers, students, technicians, IT staff, research scientists and bioinformaticians.

She believes her experience in software programming, cancer research and healthcare provides her with a unique ability to bring the power of data analytics to clinical practice.

Darshat Shah

CTO, Co-Founder

Darshat has a BTech in Computer Science from IIT Bombay and Masters in Computer Science from Ohio State University. He comes with two decades of leading software product and platform engineering teams at Microsoft, first in Seattle and then in Bangalore. During this time he shipped multiple products including Windows Update, Sql Server, System Center, Ads and Microsoft Teams. He started from scratch the Microsoft Teams R&D org in Bangalore, hiring 150+ engineers and shipping critical components of Teams. He has multi-year experience building and shipping scaled AI solutions, for Ads and Office with a sharp focus on delivery and incremental experimentation. He holds 15 patents.

Most recently he was a Research Fellow at Mazumdar Shaw Translational Research Center in Bangalore working on AI for whole slide imaging. He strongly believes ML is the transformative technology of our time, ready to break out from its computing origins and transform other domains.

Pranali Sonpatki

VP Informatics, Co-Founder

After completing her masters Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Information Technology and Biotechnology Pune, Pranali worked in a start-up for one and half years. She then joined the Mazumdar Shaw Translational Research Center in Bangalore for five years where she developed algorithms for omic data with special focus on single-cell transcriptomics which led to the design of a biomarker panel for gliomas.

She believes her enthusiasm matched with the desire to keep up with the sequencing technologies, and understanding of patient needs will lead to the development of an efficient biomarker discovery process.

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